Sonicwall port forwarding rule

Port forwarding use for allows services or computers  in private networks to connect over the internet with other private or  public computers or services

Port Forwarding TZ - 400 Sonicwall Firewall

How to Enable Port Forwarding

Below image through how to port forword step by step configuration : -

Step 1:-Sonicwall by default port HTTP(PORT 80) AND HTTPS(443).HTTPS PORT by default enable and only http port forwording.

Http port

Step 2:- Create LAN AND WAN IP address Objects

Address Object

Step 3:- Create Service Object and select TCP port range


Step 4:- Create NAT Policy Public and Private IP address.


Step 5:- Create Loopback NAT Policy for publick and private ip address.

Loopback nat policy

Step 6:- Create Acees rule for WAN TO LAN address protocol. 

Acess rule

Add button click  to done with sonicwall port forwording private network to public internet address pass on data...is another word call port open.

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