Network Administrator Work and Responsibility

Network Administrator – IT Support

Network Administrator

The Network Administrator is responsible for installation and configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software infrastructure.

This individual following systems: Windows, Linux and Network, VMWARE & Cloud systems that support GIS infrastructure, Windows,Linux, Application systems that support Asset Management.

Diagnose and resolve software and hardware incidents, including operating systems(Windows and Mac) and across a range of software applications

Responsible for maintenance,designing, organizing, operation system, company's computer system . installation LAN, WAN networks


Roles and Responsibilities

Work like : -
  • Microsoft Server in Active Directory,Dns,Dhcp,Gpo Manage,Ftp Server,Hyper-v,IIS Manager,Backup Server,User Manage.
  • Hardware & Software Manage,Troubleshooting PC,Printer Installation,Domain Create,File Sharing,Windows & Server OS Configure.
  • Sonicwall Firewall,Group Policy Manage,Bandwidh Manage,Port Forwarding & Anylyzer Reporting software manage.
  • Vpn & Vmware Manage and Router Configure,Lan,Wan.
  • Quickheal Antivirus Manage(Seqrite Endpoint Security)
  • Outlook and G suite in Admin Pannel Manage.
  • Bio metric attendance system manage.
  • Hardware and Software Device AMC Follow up.
  • CCTV Surveillance system Mainatainance & Epabx Mainatainance
  • FTTH,Leased line,Media convertor & Sfp
  • Networking, LAN & WAN trouble shooting. Network Auditing, Knowledge of configuration and maintenance
  • Router & Zyxel & Cisco Managable Switches Configuration
  • Provide remote technical assistance to field teams and ensure that field works are implemented without impacting the network health
  • Responsible for testing and evaluating network hardware and software developing new network monitoring, analysis tools.
  • LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems.
  • Network assessment, IT Audits, VAPT
  • Maintain system efficiency.
  • Ensure design of system allows all components to work properly together.
  • Troubleshoot problems reported by users.
  • Make recommendations for future upgrades.
  • Maintain network and system security & Symantec antivirus administrations
  • Monitor networks to ensure security and availability to specific users.
  • Evaluate and modify system's performance.
  • Identify user needs. – User account administration – AD.
  • Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security.
  • To install and configure new IT equipment.
  • Design and deploy networks.
  • Perform network address assignment.
  • Assign routing protocols and routing table configuration.
  • Assign configuration of authentication and authorization of directory services.
  • Maintain network facilities in individual machines, such as drivers and settings of personal computers as well as printers.
  • Maintain network servers such as file servers, VPN-Gateways, intrusion detection systems. servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, IP-phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security..
  • Having experience in alert monitoring tool, such as Nagios, spice work etc.
  • Maintains the Avaya gateway, configurations etc. Managing VM’s through Vcenter and cloud computing related software and applications configuration and manage.


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