Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS)

SEQRITE is started in 2015 by well known antivirus company India based Quick Heal Technologies and Products deliver nonstop and high level protection for Small Businesses,Enterprise,Corporates,Government and Private sector Seqrite's.
Seqrite Endpoint Security provide combination of intelligence, analysis of applications and state of the art technology,and better protection for our enterprise customers.
Seqrite End Point Security allows you to manage your antivirus and all your end points from one single easy to use console.Seqrite End Point Security through Create multiple policies and groups and assign to specific user groups and centralised scanning of all machines from one click.No need to remember license expiry of individual desktops and laptops and reduce time.

Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS) get complete report of virus and all kinds of cyber threats detected.Seqrite EPS authorised partner we can offer you best support and price .

Seqrite’s enterprise security product 

Benefits of Endpoint Security Software

  • 360 degree data security for businesses and data protection and Comprehensive endpoint in one integrated solution.
  • Competitive security enhancements to help meet organization compliance needs.
  • Reduced business security risks and unauthorized installations
  • centralized patch management and Proactive scanning application
  • Advanced endpoint protection with  intrusion detection, antivirus, firewall and more.
  • Higher scalability and enhanced security for Microsoft Windows,Mac platforms and also supported Linux plateforms.
  • Uninterrupted protection against DDOS attack,malicious websites,Ransomware,phishing attacks and more.

Seqrite Endpoint Security Features

Advanced Device Control

Web Filtering

Configures policies for various devices to safeguard the network against unverified devices Restricts web access for user policies or group policies to block the websites and categories

Application Control

Vulnerability Scan

Prohibited illegitimate applications being used in network by implementing the policies based on type of application

vulnerabilities deep scanning in your applications and operating systems and give detailes

Third-party Antivirus Removal

Group Policy & Patch Management

During the EPS client installation in virus is detected its uninstaller will be launched and it will automatically be uninstalled and removed from the system Admins allows to create user groups & assign policies based on the department wise flexible policy set and patch management set

IDS / IPS and Spam Protection

Ransomware Protection

Inbuilt Intrusion Detection & Prevention system effectively identifies as well as restricates malicious operations to protect organization network and provides high level protection.

Seqrite is behavior based detection technology to detect and block ransomware threats and it also backs up your data in a secured location to help you restore your files in case of a ransomware attack

Data Loss Prevention

Firewall and Browsing Protection

Helps you to avoid data loss and control by preventing the users to share confidential data throughout the network,storage and applications

Inbound and outbound traffic Monitors and Allow/Disallow applications rules and safeguarded against attacks from malicious websites accessed from within the network

DDOS Attack Prevention

Email and SMS Notifications

Seqrite is giving an Alerts before the Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS) attacks penetrate your network Critical network events can be pre configured to reach notifications appropriate parties via text and email messages.

Compare Products

Features EPS
Antivirus     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Email Protection     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
IDS/IPS Protection     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Email Protection     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Browsing Protection     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Vulnerability Scan     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Roaming Platform     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
SMS Notification     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
GoDeep.AI     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Firewall Protection     ✔       ✔    ✔     ✔
Asset Management     ✘       ✔    ✔     ✔
Device Control     ✘       ✔    ✔     ✔
Application Control     ✘       ✘    ✔     ✔
File Activity Monitor     ✘       ✘    ✔     ✔
Patch Management     ✘       ✘    ✔     ✔
Data Loss Prevention     ✘       ✘    ✘     ✔

System Requirement

System requirements for Seqrite EPS server
  • For Endpoint Security Server
  • OS requirements
  • General requirements in processor,ram,hard disk and web browser etc
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) required to perform installation
  • Seqrite EPS server needs to have Microsoft IIS Web server as well as Microsoft .NET Framework on your computer system

System requirements for Seqrite EPS clients
  • OS requirements
  • General requirements in processor,ram,hard disk and web browser etc

How to create Group Policy in Seqrite

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