Sonicwall Firewall Setup Wizard

The first time login to sonicwall firewall initial setup wizard is launched automatically and  below step through configure step by step set up wizard.

Sonicwall TZ-400 Configuration :-

Step 1:- Click Wizards top right corner of the management interface banner.


Step 2:- Select Setup Guide.

setup guide

Step 3:- Change Administrator Password set


Step 4:- Change the time zone

time zone

Step 5:- Configure module device type

module device

Step 6:- Configure wan network mode

wan network

Step 7:- Configure lan network setting

lan network

Step 8:- Configure lan dhcp network setting

dhcp network

Step 9:- Configure port assignment

port assignment

Step 10:- Sonicwall configure summry to apply

configure summary

After apply Set up wizard completely done configure.

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