CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate)

 CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA is certification of computer network engineers Program. This certificat in a includes entry level network engineers,Network Support,Network Specialists,Information Technology Manager and Network Administrators.


Common topics  CCNA certification include:

  • OSI models
  • IP address (IPV4 AND IPV6)
  • Router & Routing protocols
  • IP Routing
  • VLAN and WLAN
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network Security
  • Understanding Cloud & Network Infrastructure

Types of CCNA certification

Two basic types of ccna shown below.

1.   ICND1 & ICND2 Exam

2.   Combined CCNA Exam

ICND1 Exam : - IP routing technologies,IP services (DHCP,NAT),IPV6,Network devices security,LAN Switching etc.

ICND2 Exam :- IP services (SNMP V2 & V3,FHRP,syslog),LAN and WAN technology, IP routing technologies etc.

CCNA Combined Exam :- Covers all topics ICND1 AND ICND2. It covers topics on installation and troubleshooting and operation etc.

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Understanding the Network basics

What is a Network?

A network is defined as a two or more independent devices or computers that are linked.

Two common types of network:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
OSI reference model, network layers 1-3 , EX. Network layer is involved in networking...More details click here

Network Layer

Network Layer responsible for address sending and receiving the data packets over the internet.More details click here

Networking Devices used in the network

  • NIC: Network Interface Card it connects computer to computer network
  • Switches: It connects devices on a computer network.packet switching to receive & forward data to the destination device 
  • Routers: It connect networked computers to the Internet and connect multiple networks and forward packets
  • Bridges: It can be used used to connect LAN Network.
  • Modems: It can be used transmitted from one computer to another computer data transfer
  • Hubs: It can be used to connect segments of a LAN.

Skills Measured by CCNA Certification

  • Understand network topologies & IT network
  • Knowledge of computer network works networked devices
  • Configure & troubleshoot routing and router Cisco devices
  • Configure and troubleshoot a switch with VLAN & WLAN
  • Setup WAN and LAN Network
  • Implement an IP addressing scheme
  • Implement & support NAT and ACLs in branch office networks
  • Identify network security threats and describe threat mitigation methods

For more detail on exams visit these link

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