How to Install and Configure a Print Server in Windows Server 2019

Print Server is very important roles for the system administrator and the management. Directly All printer sharing via windows server.


This step is requirements in configure time printer management:

  • Administrator password must be strong.
  • Static IP is configured and windows updates are installed.
  • Hardware and Software firewall are turned off.

Installing the Print Server step by step :-

1) Open the server manager and Click on the Add roles and features.

2)Click on Next.

Add roles and Features

3) Choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click on Next.

Role based

4) Choose the destination printer server for this configuration and click on Next.

Printer selection

5) Choose the Print and document services from server roles and when a new window appear, click on Add Features.

Server Roles

6) Click on Next.

7) Click on Next.

Printer Services

8) Choose Print Server and click on Next.

Printer server selection

9)  Click on Install.


10) After installation click to Close button.


11) Open the print server management console in right-click on Printers server machine and click on Add Printer. Attach the printer to your infrastructure computer. Choose the right port where your printer is connected.

Printer Management

12) Choose the your printer manufacture name and printer model number select.

Printer Model

13) Rename the printer name and select the share printer button.

Printer name

14) Click on Finish button.

Installation Finish

You have successfully configured and deployed your network print server. This printer will be visible to other users on your infrastructure network.


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