Sonicwall Application wise category Block

SonicWall App Control Advanced feature

SonicWall App Control in how to block the App Control Advanced Category wise and application wise block.example - proxy vpn example below step by step details.

Step 1 :-First step firewall in select App Control in app control global setting in enable app control.

enable application control

Step 2 :-App Control Advanced in category and application wise application enable and disable block.

select category

Step 3 :-example of proxy acess how to block. select category in select proxy acess.

Category select

Step 4 :-App control setting in use category setting is enabled to block this application block in your network.

Category block
Step 4 :-Browser in check 00unblock.info website is block.This type to all application block in your organization.


Other wise included and excluded ip wise and group wise user policy set . App control through enable and disable all application block.Multimedia,gaming and downloading all tpye category apllication block in app control setting.

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