How to Download and Install Jenkins on Windows

Jenkins is open source automation server. Jenkins is most popular tools CI and CD integration tools. Any application and software deploy on the Jenkins server. 

In this blog we will show you step by step Jenkins installation on windows platform.


Software Requirements:

Jenkins in need latest version of Java Development Kit (JDK 8) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE).


256 MB of RAM

1 GB of drive space

Recommended hardware configuration for a team:

2 GB+ of RAM

40 GB+ of drive space

Set the Path for the Environmental Variable for JDK

Go to windows in search environment variable in set java path

java variable


Windows in go to https://www.jenkins.io/download/ download the Jenkins msi package.

  • Go to the download folder installed the msi package.

MSI Package

  • Once download Jenkins after click on the next tab.

Jenkins Location

  • Select the Jenkins installation folder. By default C drive in save Jenkins folder.

Logon Credential

  • Type the domain username and password after click on the next tab.

Jenkins Port Selection

  • Type the Jenkins localhost port number. By default port number is 8080. Clock on the next tab.

JAVA Location

  • Select the Program files in Java jdk folder location. Click on the next button.

Custom Setup

  • Click on the Next tab.


  • Click on the Jenkins install tab.

Administrator password

  • Jenkins open the Administrator initial password location and set the Jenkins administrator password.

Jenkins Administrator Password Location

  • Jenkins in select the customize plugin or Suggested selected plugin.

Jenkins Plugin

  • After started the the installation of plugin. Start the process.

  • Jenkins start of Instance configuration URL  http://localhost:8080 . Click on the Save and Finish button.

Instance URL

After browser in Open  http://localhost:8080 This Jenkins URL.

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