IIS Web Server Configuration on Windows Server 2019

IIS Web Server provides security, easy to manage websites and applications, services and  hosting platforms.

Step 1:- Start Server Manager

Windows Server Manager in click to Manage in add roles and features to add new role.

Server Manager

Step 2:- Click to Next Wizard

Add Roles and Features Wizard in  click to “Next“ button.

Next Wizard

Step 3:- Select on Installation Type

Select Installation type page in click to “Next“ button.

Installation Type

Step 4:- Choose the Destination Server

Select the server in install NFS on click to “Next“ button.

Destination Server

Step 5:- Select Roles to install

Select server roles in check the “WebServer(IIS)” box then a pop-up window will come up after click to add features after click to next.

Server Roles

Roles and Features wizard

Web Server

Selection of Roles and Fetures

Step 6:- Confirm Selections

Confirm installation selections page in click to Install button after finish it and click to close button.

Confirm Selections

Step 7:- Browser in type http://localhost and open it IIS Web Server.

IIS Web Server

Finally install IIS Web Server Configuration on Windows Server 2019.

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