AWS (Amazon Web Services)

What is AWS Cloud Computing?

AWS Cloud computing is a use for storing and accessing data over the internet.
It is not store any data on the hard disk of your computer.

AWS cloud computing in you can access data from a remote server.

AWS is a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that PaaS,SaaS and IaaS offerings. 

AWS services can offer an organization tools such as database storage,compute power and content delivery services.

AWS offers many different solutions and tools for software developers and  enterprises that can be provide 200 fully featured services from data centers globally.

and it services used to  government agencies,solutions, education institutions and private organizations.

Amazon web service platform is proide reliable,flexible,cost-effective and scalable, easy to use cloud computing solutions.

In simple words AWS allows following things-

  • Running application and  web servers in the cloud to host dynamic websites.
  • Securely store all your files on the cloud and you can access them from anywhere.
  • Using managed databases like  SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and  Oracle Server to store information.
  • Send bulk email to your customers.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) using deliver static and dynamic files quickly around the world .


History of AWS

  • 2002- AWS services launched
  • 2006- Launched its cloud products
  • 2012- Holds first customer event
  • 2015- Reveals revenues achieved of $4.6 billion
  • 2016- Surpassed $10 billon revenue target
  • 2016- Release snowball and snowmobile
  • 2019- Offers nearly 100 cloud services

Important AWS Web Services

AWS Compute Services

EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) — EC2 is a virtual machine in the cloud on which you have OS level control and that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud..

LightSail — LightSail cloud computing tool manages the computer and automatically deploys,networking capabilities and storage required to run your applications and Lightsail is ideal for  quick deployments,simpler workloads and getting started on AWS. 

Elastic Beanstalk — Elastic Beanstalk use for automated deployment and scaling web applications and services developed with Java provisioning of resources like a highly scalable production website.

EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) — EKS on Amazon cloud environment without installation and helps you provide secure clusters and highly available and automates key tasks such as node provisioning,patching and updates.

AWS Lambda — AWS Lambda service allows you to run functions in the cloud. This tool is a big cost saver for you as you to pay only when your functions execute.
Lambda functions is use for language  Python, Node.js, Go, Java and use both container tools and serverless.


Migration services used to data migrate between your datacenter and AWS.
AWS in migrate any workload applications,databases,websites,storage,virtual or physical servers,hosting facility and even any data centers from an on premises environment and other private or public cloud to AWS.

DMS (Database Migration Service) — DMS service can be used to migrate on site databases to AWS and it helps you to migrate from one type of database to another - for ex - Oracle to MySQL.

SMS (Server Migration Service) — SMS migration services use for easily and quickly migrate on site servers to AWS.

Snowball — Snowball is a small application which allows transfer terabytes of data outside and inside of AWS environment.


Amazon Glacier — It is an extremely secure,durable and low-cost storage service and it offers fast storage for data archiving and long term backup.
Amazon Glacier design to deliver 99.99% durability and comprehensive security and Customers can store data for as little as $1 per terabyte per month.

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) — It provides block-level storage to use with Amazon EC2 instances.EBS use for automated policies to back up your volumes in Amazon S3, geographic protection of your data and business continuity.EBS volumes are network attached and remain independent from the life of an instance.

AWS Storage Gateway — This AWS service is connecting on-premises software applications with unlimited cloud storage management and reduce costs for key hybrid cloud storage use cases .

It offers secure integration between the company's on-premises and AWS's storage infrastructure and easily moving backups to the cloud ,file sharring and other applications .

Security Services

IAM (Identity and Access Management) — IAM is a secure cloud security manage services to users assign policies, form groups to manage multiple users and allow or denny permision for AWS resources.
IAM AWS account offered at no additional charge and only charged for AWS services by your other users use .

Inspector — It is install on client virtual machines, which reports any improve security vulnerabilities and helps improve and compliance and security of applications deployed on AWS.

Certificate Manager — Certificate Manager manage your domains and easily provision, and deploy public or private SSL and TLS certificates for use with AWS services in your internal or external resources.AWS Certificate Manager saves process of purchasing,uploading,and renewing  SSL/TLS certificates.

WAF (Web Application Firewall) — WAF security service offers application-level protection,API you can use automate the creation, deployment,maintenance of security rules and helps you to block cross-site scripting attacks and allows you to block SQL injection .

Cloud Directory — This service allows you to create fully managed,flexible,cloud-native directories for managing hierarchies of data store along multiple dimensions.
and it provides automatically scales to hundreds to thousands of objects that can be shared with multiple dimensions applications.

KMS (Key Management Service) — It is a managed service and security helps you to create and control the encrypt your data.
KMS is integrated with AWS CloudTrail to provide logs of all usage reports to help meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

Organizations — Organizations in you can create groups of AWS accounts using this service to manages automation and security settings.AWS Organizations is available to AWS all customers no additional charge.

Shield — Shield is managed Distributed Denial of Service protection service-DDoS and protect your web applications running on AWS.
AWS Shield protection against infrastructure Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks and use Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.

Macie — It offers a data visibility security and data privacy service which helps classify and protect your pattern matching sensitive critical content.

GuardDuty — It offers threat detection to protect your AWS accounts and monitors for malicious activity and workloads and data stored Amazon S3.

Database Services

Amazon RDS — AWS Database service is easily to manage,maintain and operate and scale a relational database in the cloud.
Amazon RDS use the AWS Database Migration Service to easily migrate your database.

Amazon DynamoDB — It is a fast,multi-region, multi-active, fully managed NoSQL database service,backup and restore. It is a simple service which allow cost-effective storage and retrieval of data and handle more than 10 trillion requests per day.

Amazon ElastiCache — Amazon ElastiCache is web service which makes it easy to deploy, operate, and use Caching, Gaming,Session Stores, Real-Time Analytics,and Queuing in cloud.

Neptune — Neptune is reliable,fast,run applications work with highly connected database and managed graph database service.
Neptune powers graph use for fraud detection, drug discovery, knowledge graphs,and network security.

Amazon RedShift  — It is Amazon's data warehousing solution which you can use to perform fastest and complex OLAP queries and analyze .


Athena — This analytics allows perm standard SQL query service analysis data in S3 using standard SQL.
Athena is serverless and no infrastructure to manage ,SQL skills to quickly analyze large-scale datasets and you pay only for the queries run.

CloudSearch — CloudSearch is a managed AWS service to create a fully managed,simple and cost-effective to set up and search engine for your website or application.

ElasticSearch —It is similar to CloudSearch. However, it offers more features like application monitoring,easy for you to deploy, secure, and run Elasticsearch cost effectively at scale.

Kinesis — This AWS analytics service easy to collect process helps you to real-time stream and analyzing data at massive scale and react quickly to new information.

QuickSight — It is a business analytics tool,scalable and serverless and automatically scale to tens of thousands of users without any infrastructure to manage or capacity to plan and create visualizations data in Amazon Web Services.
For example, S3, DynamoDB, etc.

EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) — EMR is Open Source tool.This AWS analytics service mainly used for big data processing like Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Flink, Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, etc.

Data Pipeline — Data Pipeline process you reliably and move data between different AWS compute and storage services andallows to move data from one place to another.For example from DynamoDB to S3.

Internet of Things

IoT Core — IoT Core is a managed cloud AWS service and Easily and securely connect devices to the cloud. 
The service allows connected devices light bulbs,like cars,sensor grids and easily use AWS and Amazon services like AWS Lambda,Amazon S3,Amazon Kinesis etc.and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.

IoT Device Management — IoT Device allows you to manage hundreds of thousands to millions IoT devices at any scale,track,monitor and manage connected device fleets.

IoT Analytics — IoT Analytics service is helpful to perform analysis and scales automatically to support up to petabytes of IoT data collected by your IoT devices.

Amazon FreeRTOS - This real-time open source operating system it connects to IoT devices in the local server or cloud.

Application Services

Step Functions — AWS Step Functions is a serverless.it is easy sequence of AWS Lambda functions and multiple AWS services into business critical applications

SWF (Simple Workflow Service) — The service helps you to coordinate both automated tasks, easy to build applications and human-led tasks and support a variety of application requirements.

SNS (Simple Notification Service) — You can use this service to send you notifications in the form of email,application-to-application and SMS based on given AWS services,application-to-person communication.

SQS (Simple Queue Service) — Use this AWS service to scale microservices and serverless applications and decouple your applications. It is a pull-based service.

Elastic Transcoder — AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a new file-based video transcoding service and changes a video's format and resolution to support various devices like laptops, tablets,smartphones and of different resolutions.

Deployment and Management

AWS CloudTrail — The services records AWS API calls,operational auditing and send backlog files to you and risk auditing of your AWS account.

Amazon CloudWatch — The tools monitoring and AWS resources like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB Instances and observability services for DevOps engineers,developers,and IT managers. . 

AWS CloudHSM —  AWS CloudTrail is a service that enables governance,compliance, risk auditing and operational auditing your AWS account
AWS CloudHSM is a cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) and that enables to easily generate encryption keys on the AWS Cloud.

Developer Tools

CodeStar — Codestar is a cloud-based service for creating, managing,allowing to start releasing code faster and working with various software and applications development projects on AWS.

CodeCommit — CodeCommit is control service which allows store code and privately cloud assets and easy collaborate code secure and highly scalable ecosystem.
CodeBuild — This Amazon developer service help you to automates the process of building,runs tests and compiling source code and produces software packages that are ready to deploy.

CodeDeploy — CodeDeploy is deploying your code in automates software or applications deployments and variety compute services use such as EC2,Fargate,Lambda etc.

CodePipeline — It helps you create a deployment pipeline like testing, building,reliable application testing, authentication,infrastructure updates,and production environments.

Cloud9 — It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing, running, and debugging your code with browser in the cloud.

Mobile Services

Mobile Hub — Allows you to add,testing, and monitoring mobile applications,configure and design features for mobile apps.

Cognito — Allows users to sign-up,sign-in and access control to your mobile and web apps quickly and easily.

Device Farm — Device farm helps you to improve the quality of web and mobile apps by quickly testing hundreds of mobile devices.

AWS AppSync — It is a fully managed GraphQL service that offers develop applications faster,offline programming features and real-time data synchronization.

Business Productivity

Alexa for Business — It empowers your organization with voice skills using Alexa.

Chime — Chime Can be used for online video conferencing and meeting.

WorkDocs — WorkDocs can Helps to store documents in the cloud

WorkMail — WorkMail allows you to send and receive business emails.

Desktop & App Streaming

WorkSpaces — Workspace is use for remote desktops in the cloud.

AppStream — AppStream use for streaming desktop applications to your users in the web browser.

Customer Engagement

Amazon Connect — Amazon Connect use for create your customer care center in the cloud.

Pinpoint — Pinpoint use for helps to your understand users and engage with them.

SES (Simple Email Service) — SES is Helps to send bulk emails to your customers at a relatively and cost effective price.

Game Development

GameLift — GameLift is managed by AWS and host dedicated game servers provides . 

Amazon Web services uses 

  • Web site and Application hosting
  • Media Sharing
  • Content delivery and Media Distribution
  • Mobile and Social Applications
  • Search Engines and Social Networking
  • Storage, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Development and test environments

Advantages of AWS

  • It is a cost-effective service and use in organizations
  • Running and Maintaining data centers not require to spend money.
  • fast deployments and asily add or remove capacity
  • Allowed cloud access and Centralized Billing and management
  • Hybrid Capabilities and allows application use in multiple regions

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